Edcouch-Elsa superintendent suspended

A closed door Edcouch-Elsa School District meeting lasted under a half-hour Wednesday night.

In that time, school board members decided to suspend Superintendent Dr. Delfino Aleman.

School board members hired Aleman in July 2011.

They suspended him with pay Wednesday, because they said they need to review his legal actions.

I don TMt even know what that is, said Superintendent Dr. Delfino Aleman. Because at this point there TMs been very little communication between the board members and myself, even when I ask them.

I know that I haven TMt done anything legally wrong, said Aleman.

School board members told Action 4 News Aleman TMs interaction with the media and his handling of posting agenda items would be investigated.

They said they expect the investigation to last a month.

Community members said they are angry with the suspension.

I mean give this guy a chance, said Manuel Ibarra. He TMs only been around for a while, and you want to jump and get rid of him.

I don TMt think that they should get rid of this man, because this man doesn TMt do what they want, said Patricia Balli. I TMve seen a change since he TMs been here.

Teachers Action 4 News spoke with agreed.

They said they were instructed not to speak with the media but said they appreciate the improvements Dr. Aleman has brought about.

In the meantime, the school board appointed an interim superintendent.

He is one of several the school district has seen in the last two years.