Edcouch rounds up stray dogs

Cries could be heard throughout the city of Edcouch as Hidalgo County Animal Control officers chased down, tied up and placed each and every wandering dog inside one of five animal control trucks.

"They're good dogs...there are just too many, Edcouch Director of Operations, David Alaniz said.

In the few months Alaniz has been on the job, he said he has heard numerous complaints from residents about the number of dogs that stay in one area.

"That's what we're trying to do...just get them out of here."

But, sometimes, that is easier said than done. Alaniz said many residents were upset about what they were doing.

He said, unfortunately, people don TMt think it is a problem to let their animals run free but it is.

In a day TMs work, Alaniz said they caught over 30 dogs and took them to Palm Valley Animal Shelter.

Owners have six days to claim the animal, after that the dog will be put up for adoption or euthanized.