Edinburg apartment complex burglar targets 10 unlocked vehicles

Signs of added security measures can be seen all around Sugar Hill Estates in Edinburg with burglary bars, outdoor lighting and crime watch warning signs; however, none of it worked to protect Kim Diaz's family from becoming a victim to theft.

"Our apartments are right here... I can see my cars from the living room and the dining room... And for somebody to go right under our nose and do something like that was very unsettling," she said.

Kim is one of 10 families in just two weeks at the apartment complex to have a vehicle burglarized under the cover night off Sugar Road.

Edinburg police say the unusually high number of cases for the area in such a short period time resulted in stolen wallets, purses and electronic items.

They're being classified as "crimes of opportunity" because in every single case, the vehicles were left unsecured, according to law enforcement.

"You get careless," Kim admitted. "You're home from work you're tired... You forget... You leave your car unlocked.... you leave your purse your wallet... Something of value is gone."

Luckily, her husband's mistake only cost him a bottle of cologne.

But the crime robbed Kim of her sense of security.

"Any little noise I hear... I'll come check the cars," she said.

While there's been no arrest yet, police say they do have a person of interest.

Kim hopes her personal experience will help to protect others from becoming easy targets.

"The reason I called you [Action 4 News] is because I wanted the community to know... I don't want this to happen to someone else...especially with Christmas season coming up."

Kim believes the lesson is as simple as the act itself: secure your vehicle or pay the price.