Edinburg church becomes victim of theft

It began in a garage, became an outdoor service, then moved into a donated home.

"And we were there until we couldn TMt fit anymore, said Pastor Santa Medina of Mission Cristiana, a Christian church in Edinburg.

But as the congregation grew, so did the need for a brand new building.

And step by step we began making the building, said Medina.

The church is almost complete thanks to volunteer construction and community fundraising.

"We sold chicken plates and tamales, said Medina.

But the theft of three brand new air conditioning units has left Medina with little hope.

It was very sad, said Medina. It's made me so sad, because I've seen how hard the community has worked."

The units are said to be worth $1,500 each and would have taken several men to move.

Medina is enraged over what she calls a lack of respect for God.

Her congregation has a warning for the burglars.

Be careful when you do something like this in the house of God, because God sees everything, said churchgoer Blanca Munoz.

Medina now hopes God will see to it that justice is served.

She is asking for donations to recuperate the stolen air conditioning units.

She hopes to have them in time to open the church for Father's Day.

If you would like to help, please call (956) 776-5402.