Edinburg church returning the favor of faith

Father Martinez said that the search of the poorest part of the nation brought a couple over to a Diocese here in the Valley. Little did they know that one act of generosity would keep them connected, in the good and the hard times. "A couple came down to visit the area that belongs to the parish and then I went up to talk to the Santa Rose Lima and they picked up a second collection and that TMs how I got to know Msgr. Robert Weiss and maybe some of the families that are now effected today" Father Martinez said Holy Family Parish in Edinburg received about 11 thousand from parishioners for a building that cost about $700,000.

A donation from parishioners belonging to St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown, Connecticut. Father Martinez said he was in shock when he first saw the tragedy. "It impacted me in the way that I said, well how many people that may have helped us, that now are affected by the tragedy that happened in Newton" Father Martinez said Father Martinez said the Newtown community is very welcoming and very loving.

He says strength and faith is what TMs necessary. Put everything in god TMs hands and if it was god TMs will, it TMs god's will and there is nothing we can do other than be praying that sooner or later we will be reuniting in heaven too " he said Father Martinez asked his parish to write letters of condolences.

He plans to send all the letters together...with over 1000 registered parishioners, he says faith is what he can give and what TMs needed. He said it TMs a tough time not only for families but for the priest. "I want to let them know that I am here, and as a brother priest to support him too because I believe I would need that support if my community would suffer that," Father Martinez said.