Edinburg church unites for Haiti relief

It's the natural disaster being felt around the world.

Now, some concerned Rio Grande Valley residents with family members in Haiti want to know if their loved ones are okay after the massive earthquake hit the Carribean nation.

Samuel Etienne's parents went to Haiti about a week before the earthquake hit and were caught at ground zero.

"There were people dying all around them, this is worse than a war zone," said Etienne.

Etienne hasn't heard from them since yesterday morning.

All he knows is that they are living on the street with no food or water but with the help of his faith, he is keeping positive.

"I TMm Christian and I know God never starts anything that he cannot finish," he said. "So if it wasn't meant for them to be alive, then he wouldn't have let them be alive and then for them to go and be dead a couple of days later, so we are pretty certain that they'll be okay."

Etienne attends services at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Edinburg.

Pastor Peter Weber said the church is trying to do what they can to help.

"We know that Haiti will need help for the long range," said Weber.

The church is accepting donations this weekend and for the next several weeks for Haiti.

He also said that people can donate to Adventist Development and Relief Agency by visiting

Funds will go directly to Haiti.