Edinburg CISD builds safety wall by Harwell Middle School

Once again Harwell Middle School students are playing in the school yard without having to worry about their safety.

Just back in December students Nicholas Tijerina and Edson Amado were shot by a stray bullet from a nearby shooting range.

To ensure nothing like this ever happens again, the school district along with the city and county are completing a half million dollar berm on the north and west sides of campus.

ECISD Superintendent Dr. Rene Gutierrez says the district is going the extra mile to keep students safe.

"It has brought a sense of security for the students the staff and the parents. Building this berm has given them a safety blanket, Gutierrez said.

As for the two boys who were shot; Edson Amado is back in school but his classmate Nicholas Tijerina is in Houston still going through physical therapy.

Doctors say Tijerina may never walk again.

"It TMs a one percent chance so we are just taking it day by day. That's all we can do," Tiejerina TMs mother Donna said.

Donna said she is happy to see the school taking action.

"I think that's great. I would have done anything to having done this prior to the incident happening with my son. Saving all the hard ache we have had to deal with the last 5 months. But at least they are being proactive and doing something about it now," Donna said.

Next time the district builds a school, Gutierrez says they will be much more selective about where they put it.

"It taught us we need to be more aware of our surroundings; we need to be in contact with the property owners when you build a school in the country, Gutierrez said.

The Tijerina family expects to continue therapy in Houston through the end of the year, but Donna says her son is adjusting and has a good attitude.