Edinburg councilman to run for mayor

An Edinburg councilman announced Thursday he will run for mayor in November.

An Edinburg councilman announced Thursday he will run for mayor in November.

Edinburg councilman Richard Molina walked up the stairs of city hall Thursday morning, with his family beside him, to turn in his campaign treasurer appointment with the city secretary.

“The city of Edinburg has been struggling with infrastructure issues, lack of parks and lighting issues, that have been brought to my attention on a daily basis,” Molina said.

Molina said he will not be seeking re-election as an Edinburg city councilman this November. Instead, Molina plans to challenge incumbent Richard Garcia for Edinburg mayor.

"We need a mayor that is in touch with every constituent that's out here, not just a certain faction,” said Molina. “We need a mayor that is well-rounded--that is active.”

Molina has worn many hats, from serving in the U.S. Army to serving as an Edinburg police sergeant for 11 years, and now a local business owner. Some residents feel it's time for a change.

"They city's been doing just fine, but maybe we need to give an opportunity to those who are coming here with more enthusiasm to help the community,” said 71 year-old Edinburg resident Juan Angel Guerra De Leon. “Someone with more charisma, not just the same people over and over again. They already know how to manage the city, whether it be for something good or maybe not's so good.”

If elected as mayor, Molina plans on pushing for two four-year-terms for each elected official and removing the mayor's position as president of the city's Economic Development Corporation.

"People want action,” said Molina. ”They're tired of the mayor and council taking credit and saying Edinburg is flying high. Edinburg is not flying high. We're actually swimming in debt, right now, with so many things that are being financed for the next 25 and 30 years. It's very important for us to manage the tax payer's money, the way we manage our own budgets at home and that is, if you don't have it, don't spend it.”

With less than 13 months remaining on his current term, residents can soon expect to see Molina’s campaign signs throughout the city.

Incumbent Richard Garcia is up for re-election after serving for 14 consecutive years. Gina Marie Alamia, the daughter of a former Edinburg mayor, has also announced she'll be running for the seat.

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