Edinburg dog digs his way into hefty fine for owner

Marissa Vallejo said she did everything she could to keep her dog, Buster, inside the fenced-in yard but he still managed to dig his way out.

Marissa told Action 4 News Buster was picked up by animal control and she was left with a hefty fine.

"I showed them my citation and without giving me a chance to explain they say, 'It's $265 ma'am|' I said 'Wait. TM and they said 'It's $265|'" Vallejo explained.

She added, the hefty fine has put her in a tight financial situation and she does not know how she going to get it paid on time.Action 4 News took Vallejo TMs concern about the hefty fine to the City of Edinburg.

Lieutenant David White, with Edinburg Police Department, told Action 4 News the fine is set at the discretion of the judge.

"If you know that you have a dog that escapes you need to address the issue with the dog," Lt. White said.

He added, if a person cannot figure out how to keep their dogs inside the fence then they can call Edinburg PD.

He said an officer can go to their home and help figure out a solution to the problem.