Edinburg family mourns child killed in beach accident

Jason Sosa

An Edinburg family continues to mourn the loss of 1-year-old Jason Luis Sosa.

He died Saturday while on a family trip to South Padre Island celebrating his older brother TMs birthday.

Sometimes fun can turn into tragedy out of nowhere, father Luis Sosa said.

Joanna Sosa, Jason TMs mother, said her son got out of his car seat as the family packed up to leave the island that afternoon.

She said she saw her son playing with family members near the car and thought he was safe.

Joanna said her son ran towards the ocean, but between him and the water was a make shift road and a car coming in and out of the area.

He was just running and it happened all of the sudden, Joanna said.

Jason was run over by a car, his older brother saw the whole thing.

"He blames himself because he says that he didn TMt go get him from his hand and bring him to his parents," Joanna said.

Joanna and Luis said their son TMs death raises the question, ~How safe are the parking areas at Beach Access 5? TM

Action 4 spoke the South Padre Park Police who said the parking is not regulated because the tide changes, what is a parking space today may be underwater tomorrow.

Police said parents should be cautious while in the parking area and keep young children at arm TMs length when in the parking area.

Jason TMs parents said they were being cautious, but feel the parking area is unsafe.

We TMre never going to go there ever again, even if they change the routine or something, we are going to forget that place, Joanna said.

An accout has been set up at IBC Bank under Joanna Clark for anyone who would like to donate to Jason's family.