Edinburg family searches for missing man

It has been a hard month for the Delgado family.

Their father, husband, brother, grandfather, Eleazar Delgado, walked out of his sister TMs home on Sofia Avenue in Edinburg never to be heard from again.

"We all worry about him," said Ededina Delgado. Worry, because not only has he disappeared, Eleazar has Cirrhosis of the liver and it is already in its final stages. His family fears, without his medication, Eleazar will not make it much longer.

"Without his medication he could have a seizure and go into a coma,"

Eleazar TMs health condition could also cause confusion|something his family believes happened.

"He might be confused and might now know where he's at....he might not know who he's with or callback numbers," said Yvette Delgado.

Confused or not, Eleazar TMs family told Action 4 News someone had to have picked him up and they want that person to come forward.

"We need him home, said Ededina Delgado. He needs his medication...his wife needs him and he needs all of our help," A reward is being offered if you have any information contact Edinburg police at (956) 383-8114.