Edinburg man says God told him to build crosses for distraught family

Edinburg man says God told him to build crosses for distraught family

Mike Garcia makes a living building furniture.

His custom beds and dressers are what draw people to his work.

But it's his unique craft for kindness that ultimately leaves a lasting impression.

"When I did the story with you, Ryan, we didn't expect anybody ever to do anything like this for us," Melissa Martinez said.

She's the recipient of two handmade wooden crosses.

They were given to her to replace the ones stolen from a highway memorial where her mother and brother died along Highway 281.

Mike delivered them to her shortly after the story aired on Action 4 News.

"I had to," he said. "I had to. God put it in my heart. My wife helped me. We sanded, stained them, re-stained them. God put it my heart to help them and had to."

Mike's story of generosity quickly became the driving force behind multiple Pay it 4Ward online nominations at

Karen Gonzalez, spokesperson with FNB Insurance Agency, surprised him with the news.

"So many people were touched by your kindness that they reached out to Pay it 4Ward," she told him.

Karen read a portion of one of the submissions to him.

"Someone like this, 'I nominate mike the Crossman for making and donating the crosses to the family of the lose loved ones. It is an act of kindness that he did out of pure kindness, not expecting anything in return.'"

Karen then took out $400 and shared how he's this week's recipient.

"On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News we couldn't be more proud to Pay it 4Ward to you with $400," she said.

The news catches Mike off guard.

"Thank you so much," he said with a trembling voice. "These were never my intentions. Just meeting the family was enough. Thank you. God bless all of you. God bless everyone that voted for me. Thank you."

Melissa is there to witness the kindness come full circle.

She's forever grateful for Mike's love.

"It's like karma when you do good stuff for somebody, something comes back in return," she said.

Mike hopes his story will only build momentum for others to do good.

"Everyone could use a little help," he said.

He plans to use his Pay it 4Ward prize for his custom furniture company.

To find out more about his business click here.

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