Edinburg man shot during carjacking

The hunt is on for the triggerman in what police are calling a drug related altercation Wednesday morning in Edinburg.

Police said when they arrived to the 1 thousand block of Denver street, they found the victim lying in a puddle of blood shot in the shoulder.

I heard the gunshot," said a neighbor.

This man watched in shock as a man who lives in his neighborhood stumbled to the ground.

He was falling and his left arm was injured then we saw him laying out on the floor," said the neighbor.

It was around 9:40 Wednesday morning when police responded and found the 37 year-old-man in a pool of blood.

"They shouldn't resort to that kind of violence around here," said Francisco Garcia.

Garcia lives near the scene of the crime and said this is a family neighborhood with kids frequently playing ball in the streets.

"After this, I don't think anybody's going to want to be outside," said Garcia.

Investigators believe the shooting was drug-related since they found drug paraphernalia inside the home where the victim was shot.

"I feel sorry for the guy. Whoever did that just don't come back..not here," said Garcia.

Police said in an attempt to escape quickly, the suspect took the victims vehicle.

There were several other people seen leaving the home after the shooting.

Garcia said one of those men looked right at his mom who was watching through a window.

"Now my mom's terrified," said Garcia.

Police are looking for a maroon Chevy Silverado with flames on the side panels.

If you have any information or if you've seen this vehicle, call crimestoppers at (956) 383-TIPS.

Police warn the public not to approach the suspect who TMs considered armed and dangerous.