Edinburg man talks about coping with tragedy of losing a son

A tragedy like the mass shooting in Connecticut changes the way we often live our lives.

That TMs what happened to Jimmy Martinez, in November an 18 wheeler flipped over and crushed the car his wife and son were in.

He realized he had to be strong for his family. It was until then, he said he learned to appreciate life.

It TMs the smile on their face.

The sense of security that this 4-year-old seeks, as she plays with her grandpa.

Martinez tells Action 4 News he knows what families are going through because he lost his son a month ago.

"When it TMs an older person and you know they're sick, you know what to tell them..well you know he lived a good life, he was 90 years old sorry to hear that," Martinez said.

Martinez says when it TMs a child, there are no words for comfort. Children's lives were ripped away, in a senseless act.

Martinez wants more security at schools. He said there have been too many incidents like the one from today.

"Check everybody out and make them go through two check points and ask...what TMs your business here," Martinez said.

He doesn't believe there should be tougher gun laws.

"These people that are going to go do something like that, they can buy those guns anywhere," Martinez said.

Martinez has felt the same despair, losing his son and wife in a car accident, which was unexpected but still can't imagine how these families are coping with such a violent tragedy.

He says Hug your kids every morning because it may be the last day you do it, It's only been about a month for Martinez, he's learned to pick up the pieces for the family he still has around him.