Edinburg man wanted for beating ex-girlfriend

An Edinburg woman is asking the public to help Edinburg police find and arrest her ex-boyfriend after he allegedly beat her up.

On March 7th, Cindy Melchor was severely beaten sustaining multiple cuts and bruises on her face.

Melchor says after her ex boyfriend Angel Ernesto Ponce called her numerous times and later broke into her home and assaulted her.

With Ponce still on the loose, Melchor says she doesn't feel safe.

"I don't feel at rest until he is caught. I don't feel safe when I TMm walking home from school, Melchor said. I don't feel safe when I TMm alone. When I hear noises at night I TMm up at night thinking it TMs him trying to break in. It's scary to have to live like that, to not feel safe in your own home."

After she was released from the hospital, Melchor filed a report with the Edinburg Police Department.

But she said she TMs been frustrated with the process it takes to file a warrant for his arrest.

"I wanted a status, Melchor said. I wanted to know when he was getting served. What was going on?"

Now that the warrant is in place, police have begun to search for Ponce but so far have not been successful.

"Here I am at my house fearing he will come back and hurt me or my kids and he's at the livestock show, tagging himself, having the time of his life almost as if he is taunting me saying ~come and look for me, haha, they can't get me, TM" Melchor said.

Now looking back Melchor says she wishes she had taken more notice of his odd behavior.

"There were warning signs, Melchor said. Being possessive, controlling, wanted to always check my phone, Facebook."

Melchor said she hopes other women can learn from her experience and stop the behavior before it gets someone hurt.

"I should have started making reports back then, and I didn't and that TMs where I feel my guilt, Melchor said. Maybe I could have prevented it."

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence don't delay in getting help.

Call the 24 hour crisis hotline at 1-800-580-4879.If you can help locate Ponce, call the Edinburg Police Department at (956) 289-7700.

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