Edinburg residents, coach surprised by former quarterback's arrest

Joel Josue Cuellar Mugshot

Edinburg residents told Action 4 News that they are shocked by the sexual abuse arrest of a former Edinburg North High School quarterback.

McAllen police arrested Joel Josue Cuellar on a sexual abuse charge over the weekend.

The former quarterback was allegedly caught in the act sexually abusing an 11-year-old boy.

Action 4 News could not gain access to the family TMs home in a gated community but spoke with several members of the community.

Some of them knew Cuellar and his family while others did not.

While few wanted on camera, everyone said his arrest came as a surprise.

"I just couldn't believe that something like that would actually happen, one person said. And especially a football player."

One woman called the arrest unbelievable.

Where was the kids parents, she asked.

Action 4 News also spoke with Roy Garza, Cuellar's former football coach at Edinburg North.

Coach Garza did not want to go on camera but said that the allegations came as a surprise and that he "never would have questioned his character."