Edinburg residents fear rise in gang violence

Edinburg Police are investigating their second gang-related shooting in four days.

They say eight gunmen opened fire on a man sitting inside his SUV at the Aztek Car Wash on 27th Avenue and University Drive.

All supposedly armed with handguns that opened fire on the victim," said Lt. Oscar Trevio.

The gunmen fired at least ten times, but none of the bullets reached the victim, he added.

But it came close not just for the victim, but also for neighbors.

Two of the bullets pierced Lorenzo Rodriguez TMs yard, right behind a wooden fence from the car wash.

"I think it TMs time to move. Just much going on right now," he said. "There's a lot of activity going on there, mainly drugs."

Neighbors told Action 4 News they saw the driver of the black suv pull out of the car wash, speed down the street before pulling away, leaving shattered glass on the road.

Other neighbors like Jessica Silva said they have had enough.

"More and more there's been drive by's here in Edinburg and it TMs scary, especially for our kids," she said.

She lives down the street from the car wash and is concerned with how frequently shootings are popping up around the city.

"There was one in Samano [Street], she added. :My little niece lives through there and they did one through there, and its kinda scary because like I tell you innocent kids could be getting hurt in these drive bys."

Police arrested two men after that shooting on Monday and said it was also likely gang related.

"We have our share for crimes involving gangs but to say that they're an increase or an influx i wouldn't say that," Lt. Trevio countered when asked whether gang violence was a growing problem for the city.

But increase or not, neighbors like Rodriguez and and Silva said they hope police step up patrols to prevent any more shootings.

"They're doing a pretty good job, Silva said. But they need to crack down better."

Rodriguez said he agrees and offered a suggestion.

"I feel maybe they should patrol this area a little bit more often, because I've had to call the police myself and by the time they get here the culprits are already gone," he concluded.

If anyone has any information on the shooting, they can call Edinburg Crime Stoppers at (956) 383-TIPS (8477).