Edinburg school hires extra security following shooting outside campus

As parents began arriving after school on Thursday, several deputies kept a watchful eye outside idea Quest Academy in Edinburg.

It will be a common sight for the next few days following Wednesday morning's shooting outside of the school campus.

"It TMs very concerning, parent Ricardo Rodriguez told Action 4 News. You never think that you're going to hear about things like this happening so close to home."

Early Wednesday, Rodney Villalpando showed up before classes started and shot his estranged wife, who worked on campus. "At whatever hour it happened, the simple facts for me are, it happened on school grounds even if it was during or not during school hours," Rodriguez said.

As a result of the shooting, Idea Public Schools hired Hidalgo County Sheriff's deputies up until next week to patrol the campus before and after school.

Grandmother of three Quest Academy students, Tomasa Balderas, welcomed the move.

"There could always have more patrols, she said.

But Rodriguez also added that the district should start thinking of a more permanent solution.

"I believe that they should up security here on the school campus," he concluded.

Action 4 News unsuccessfully attempted to contact Idea Public Schools to get their input on the increased security measures.