Edinburg student surprised on last day of school with hundreds of dollars

Days after the April 17th fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas that killed 15, an Economedes High School student sprung into action. Nisha Sanchez wrote a letter to the principal asking for permission to urge students and staff to help with her collection drive for the victims. She put all plans for the prom on hold to load up the donated supplies like bottle water, clothing and toiletries.

Then, she personally delivered them to the devastated town. Nisha was in math class when the Pay it 4Ward surprise unfolded. "I'm going to ask one person to come to the front of the room for me," Action 4's Ryan Wolf said. "I need Nisha!" She did not know, but a teacher nominated her for the Pay it 4Ward prize. "I want you to meet the person that told me all about you," Ryan said. "Are you ready? Come on in!" Melonie De La Cruz walks into the classroom and shared how Nisha's kindness has inspired the whole school. "You put other people first," she said. "You represent the school in a positive way. You're amazing. You're everything we could ask for. On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News, I want to Pay it 4Ward," the teacher said. Nisha is told to hold out her hand as the teacher hands over $400, "I'm shaking!" Nisha said. She went on to say, "I did not expect this. That was so random. But thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm really grateful and I'm glad I could get other people from my school to help me out as well." Nisha snapped pictures during her trip to West and said the experience has changed her life forever. "It makes me feel heartbroken," Nisha explained. "You see homes everywhere shattered and windows broken, garages coming down. People are helpless. They need food comfort and shelter." FNB Insurance Agency provides the cash for kindness as a Pay it 4Ward partner. Bill Jones is their spokesperson. "It's a terrific act of kindness that you did, totally unselfish," he told Nisha. "You rallied the troops here at Economedes High School. It's a good example of Pay it 4Ward." Nisha's giving nature recently extended to the tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma where she collected additional items for people in need. While the Pay it 4Ward prize will help her with college, it is the feeling she gets from giving back that is truly rewarding.

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