Edinburg tries to bump up safety at dangerous intersection

Edinburg city crews are working to make Rogers and M Road a safer intersection.

People who live in the area said it TMs not only dangerous because motorists don't stop at the painted white line, but they also because some drivers run the stop sign all together.

"I'm constantly getting mad at the cars passing by, there's nothing I can do, but everybody speeds- it TMs not just sometimes, it TMs all the time," said Erika Pohler.

Pohler has lived on the corner of M and Rogers Road for the last ten years, she said she's seen several accidents here. A few months back, a car mowed down the chain link fence, but Pohler said it TMs not the first time.

"It was pretty bad. Me and my friend were trying to get everyone out of the car|and for me it brought back memories from that day because of the way that everything was, explained a tearful Pohler.

Pohler is referring an accident six years ago. She lost her 4 year old son George after car plowed through the fence pinning him against the house.

She said drivers are still speeding and blowing through stop signs.

"I don TMt know when it TMs going to stop, said Pohler, I know sometimes people are careless, they are not watching, but that TMs why we have stop signs."

Edinburg Public works Director Ponciano Longoria has seen the problems first hand and is hoping to change that.

"People on M street don TMt stop for whatever reason. So I think that by outreaching them with our safety measures on the road, we're hoping they will comply with stopping at the stop sign," he said.

Unfortunately due to state standards, there isn't enough traffic to warrant a 4-way stop or traffic signal, but Longoria said the city is making several changes such as bigger stop signs, new street striping and reflective buttons, new ~Intersection Ahead TM warning signs, rumble strips, and even flashing beacons.

Edinburg wants drivers to start paying attention.

"It takes you about three seconds to stop, look to your left, look to your right and go. Unless there TMs a vehicle coming you have to wait a little longer, but I think three seconds or more [even] five seconds is worth someone's life," said Longoria.

The City of Edinburg said project cost is about $60,000 and is expected to be completed mid next week. It told Action4 News it is planning to go out and do another traffic survey in a few months because residents said that the traffic picks up when school is in session.

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