Edinburg waitress's kindness leads to largest tip of her career

Inside the Mesquite Grill in Edinburg is a waitress with a huge heart.

Sheena Espinoza is the type to serve up the shirt off her back if it meant helping someone else.

Her co-worker Nelda Rodriguez knows it best.

"I was depressed... I was sad... I didn't know how I was going to get any of the things that I needed to get ready for my baby... I'm just so grateful for her," she explained.

From a bouncer to walker, crib set to infant seat, Sheena donates it all to Nelda.

It amounts to about a thousand dollars worth of stuff to help a single mother who has little time to spare.

Her son, Raylan Michael, is born premature.

"I wanted to Pay it 4Ward because Sheena is my best friend... And she deserves all the help... And she never second guessed helping me," Nelda explained.

With the help of Pronto Insurance, Action 4 News surprises Sheena with the $400 prize at the end of her shift.

Ryan: Sheena, I'm Ryan Wolf with Action 4 News. How are you?

Sheena: Good.

Ryan: Do you have any idea why we're here?

Sheena: Nope. Food 4 Thought?

Ryan: No, this kitchen's clean... I saw the top performer sticker on the door. We're here because of you.

Sheena: What? Why?

Ryan: The incredible things that you have done for your friend right next to you.

Sheena: What did you do?!

Nelda: I thank you for everything that you did... It means the world to me... You have no idea. On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... We'd like to Pay it 4Ward. Hold out your hand. $100, $200, $300, $400. It's for all the things you've done for the baby... When I didn't have anything... And for helping me get this job... And for everything that you do... You're just a great friend and I love you so much!

Sheena: I'm nervous... I'm surprised. Thank you.

Ryan: Why are you getting so emotional right now?

Sheena: Because I'd do it no matter what. I would do it for her no matter what. I wouldn't ask for anything in return.

Ryan: You chose to forego a yard sale to make money on your own... And gave her everything she needed. Expensive stuff.

Sheena: And I would do it again in a heart beat for anybody. Because I love her, she's my friend... I couldn't stand watching her struggle... I couldn't see that. Anyway I could help her I will.

The giving hasn't stopped with little Raylan Michael.

Shortly after his arrival 7 months ago, Sheena helps her friend land a job at the grill.

Her boss, Jason Todd, wants her story to inspire others.

"Hopefully they'll see this and get the bug and do the same thing and help others that have helped other people," he said.

Domingo Reyna, with Pronto Insurance, says it's the whole reason why the company partnered with the Pay it 4Ward program.

"The Pay it 4Ward program is here to recognize these acts of kindness... Without expecting anything back... And having this best friend and support that she really needed... This is what we're all about here," Domingo said.

"It's always good to help someone out because you never know when you need it in return," Sheena said. "If everybody could do that for someone else... The world would be a better place."

Serving up hope, it's one more way to "Pay it 4Ward."

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