Educators react to student's anti-STAAR test viral video

This video of a student ranting against the STAAR test has gone viral

The heat is on in classrooms across Texas with students under pressure to take those all important STAAR tests.

One high school student takes it to the extreme, going off on his teacher who he says is doing a lousy job.

It TMs all caught on camera.

"If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freaking packet yo," said Duncanville ISD student Jeff Bliss.

The outburst went viral on YouTube.

"There's kids in here that don't learn like that. They need to learn face to face," said Bliss.

The Dallas area high school student is drawing attention to what he considers a lazy teacher.

"You want kids to come in here and get excited for this? You got to come in here. You got to make them excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You got to touch his freaking heart," said Bliss.

Was it a run of the mill outburst or insight into what some students are facing?

The jury is still out.

"When you come in here like last time and make a statement about 'oh this is my paycheck' indeed it is but this is my country's future and my education," said Bliss.

Roxanne Shimotsu is not the target of this YouTube sensation.

The Sam Houston Elementary School teacher has been touching students' hearts for more than 26 years.

"It has not been work," Shimotsu said. "I've whistled to work every day."

Shimotsu is so far from what the student claims his teacher is like that she's been honored by her peers as the 2013 Harlingen CISD Teacher of the Year.'

She has a message for the teacher in the video, accused of just showing up for a paycheck.

"That's disgusting. That's totally disgusting. If she's feeling like that then I think she should retire or get out of the teaching profession," said Bliss.

According to reports, the entire rant started over the student complaining about having to prepare for the STAAR test.

Duncanville ISD understands the student's concerns but feels he could have gone about expressing it in another way.

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