EECISD Superintendent fighting to keep job

The Texas Education Agency will determine whether the termination of the Edcouch Elsa CISD superintendent is justifiable.

Attorneys for Dr. Delfino Aleman and for the school district will make their case over the next few days.

On Monday, Girlbert Vasquez, the attorney representing the EECISD, quizzed Dr. Aleman on a variety of issues during the public hearing.

Among them, Vasquez asked if Dr. Aleman has made derogatory comments towards district workers, calling them old and decrepit.

But Dr. Aleman denied the allegations.

Vasquez also asked about Aleman making decisions without following district and state policies.

He cited examples, such as Aleman allegedly excluding the principal of the high school in the search for an assistant principal, and allegedly refusing to hold board meeting.

Aleman, responded by saying that he did what he thought was best for the district.

Several of Dr. Aleman TMs supporters attended the public hearing, mostly former employees of the district.

They said Aleman was leading the district in the right direction, and claim they were fired because they spoke out against the district.

Dr. Aleman took over in July of 2011, but the school board suspended him in October.

He remains under the district TMs payroll and the decision from the TEA will determine whether the district can terminate his contract.