Eight-liner gamers flock to Willacy County

Willacy County Judge John Gonzalez said he believes people may migrate to Willacy County just to play at the eight-liner establishments.

He said Willacy County does not plan on closing eight-liners down but the last word should come from the District Attorney Bernard Ammerman.

Willacy County Judge John Gonzalez said he believes gaming establishments could be setting their sights on the county.

According to Judge Gonzalez, the District Attorney stated he is in full support of game parlors and has no intention of closing them down.

"It TMs gotten to a point in our county where money is being exchanged openly because they have no fear of any retribution," Judge Gonzalez said.

According to Judge Gonzalez the District Attorney said he does not have the budget to regulate the establishments.

However, Gonzalez said the county has funds to support a task force if needed.

While Gonzalez said he believes gambling can be done legally, he does not support eight-liners because people in his county have no real chance of winning.

"People who are operating illegally are tightening up these machines where people cannot win. If people complain, they start loosening them up ," Judge Gonzalez said.

Judge Gonzalez said the targets are the poorest of the poor.

He added that the state should completely outlaw eight-liners or make the decision to legalize them.

Gonzales said right now they are in a grey area, operating as coin machines and not gambling machines.

Action 4 News tried contacting District Attorney Bernard Ammerman, however he said it was unethical for him to comment on the issue.