El Paso Border Patrol shooting sparks protest in McAllen

They protested when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070, and have been pushing for immigration reform for years.

After a 14-year-old boy was fatally shot by a Border Patrol agent near El Paso-their message is more urgent than ever.

"It's so sad to think that it would take the death of a young man for our cries of justice to get the attention of the Obama administration," said Lupe Executive Director Juanita Valdez-Cox.

Valdez said she and others are concerned with the lack of public outcry.

"It should not be only immigrants that are protesting," said Valdez. "It should be elected officials and the President himself-they should be outraged by what is taking place."

Others agree-saying it is time for action.

"We need action now---we need the violence to stop," said Anayanse Garza.