Elderly couple attacked leaving them injured and in fear

Joseph Anthony Ferris // McAllen Police Department photo

A man is behind bars after he allegedly attacked an elderly couple and threw them to the ground.

McAllen police arrested Joseph Anthony Ferris on two counts of injury to the elderly after he allegedly assaulted the couple at their home.

A 74-year-old woman told police she and her 83-year-old husband were attacked by Ferris, according to an offense report obtained by Action 4 News.

In that report, details on how the woman and man were left in fear were revealed.

When police first arrived at the McAllen home they found the woman in great fear because she and her husband had been attacked, according to the police report.

Police then found the 83-year-old man lying on the ground in the living room with blood around his hands.

He was unable to get off the floor because he uses a walker to get around, so police helped him sit up by moving him to the home's couch.

The report released to Action 4 News did not reveal if Ferris knew the couple, but it said Ferris asked for keys to a vehicle belonging to the couple after showering in their home.

Once the elderly man refused to give him the keys, the physical attack started, police were told.

The elderly woman was grabbed and thrown to the floor of the living room, then choked while she was on the floor.

Police said the attack caused the woman to have difficulty breathing, but she was able to get away by biting the suspect's hand.

Ferris then began attacking the woman's husband by also grabbing him and throwing him to the floor causing injuries to his hands.

Ferris then got on top of the couple, the police report details.

When police arrived, the couple was still in fear that Ferris was still in the home, but a police checked the area to make sure he was no longer hanging around the home.

Police observed bruising on the woman's eye, and she had redness on her cheek.

The couple was not transported to the hospital by ambulance.

McAllen police then found Ferris at a home on the 600 block of West La Vista Avenue in McAllen, where he was found sitting on the front porch.

He was arrested and transported to the city jail, where he was booked on two charges of injury to an elderly individual.

A protective order was also issued to protect the couple, and a sergeant went to the scene of the crime to take photographs of the couple's injuries.