Elderly Harlingen couple marry after meeting on internet

On Facebook, senior citizens are the fastest growing group.

This interest is spreading to all sorts of social media venues including dating web sites.

In Harlingen, one dating web site led to the marriage of a couple in their 70s.

The computer can be a bit frustrating for 71-year-old Cecelia Meade-Bagley, but it's how she met her husband.

After her former husband died of cancer in 2006, Cecelia used the computer to find a companion.

"I had tried several of the dating services, and I found all kinds guys," said Cecelia.

"My concern... there were so many women on there they sounded like they were desperate to marry anybody," said Cecelia's husband Jim Bagley.

Jim was also looking for love.

Twice divorced, he posted a profile with a specific request for a "very, very special person."

Jim and Cecelia married in July.

They met a little over one year ago.

"We met at McDonald's," said Cecelia.

"We had I think four cups of coffee," said Jim.

Laughter fills their internet inspired marriage.

Cecilia said had she not learned the ways of the web, her golden years may not be so bright.

Cecelia and Jim do warn others to be careful on dating web sites.

They said they've come across several scams.

They said a few times people even tried getting money from them.