Elderly man in ICU after getting stung by more than 200 bees

Maria Juarez went to aid her neighbor

Maria Juarez did not think twice about running outside of her home after she witnessed a swarm of bees attacking her neighbor.

Thousands of bees surrounded the 70-year-old TMs front door.

She sprinted into action, grabbed a spray and went to aid her neighbor.

Maria Juarez lives on her own.

This entire place was full of bees there was like a cloud of bees," Juarez said

Juarez said she never imagined saving someone TMs life. In my loneliness sometimes I feel like I TMm not worth anything...and I am...everyone is worth something," Juarez said

The noise coming from a neighbors lawn disturbed thousands of Africanized and honey bees, living inside the wall of a home next door to Juarez. More than 200 bees swarmed Tibursio Ramirez and his wife.

They were attacked without warning, and that is when Ramirez's wife ran to Juarez TMs home for help.

I saw all the bees behind her she had them all over her hair on her body, she kept scrubbing her face yelling save me please. The bees are killing my husband can someone please save him," Juarez said

Juarez son told the neighbor to throw herself on the floor.

She sprinted into action and grabbed two bottles of raid.

Assisting the woman that was pleading for help. .Maria was able to kill a lot of the bees and took the neighbor inside her home.

Even after the spray she still had a lot of bees hidden in her hair all over her body and in her shirt she was so desperate that they were stinging her." Juarez said

Juarez said she was able to control the bees when they were inside the home.

They all went to one side of the room and did not stop spraying until they finished the bottles of Raid.

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