Elderly man jailed for handgun "road rage" in Harlingen

      William Everett Gray // Harlingen Police Department Photo

      A La Feria man is facing criminal charges after an alleged "road rage" incident where the used a handgun to scare another driver.

      Harlingen police arrested 69-year-old William Everett Gray on a disorderly conduct charge early Thursday afternoon.

      Invesetigators told Action 4 News that it all happened on West Lincoln Avenue near the Walmart store.

      A man told police that he was driving slowly along West Lincolon Avenue when Gray passed him in his black Chevrolet Avalanche.

      Gray allegedly raised a handgun for the other driver to see and tapped the glass of his SUV's window in a threatening manner.

      Police located Gray nearby, found a 9mm handgun inside his SUV and charged him with Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

      The elderly La Feria man was released from custody after posting a $2,000 dollar bond.