Elderly woman hopes microchip brings back her Bebe

Bebe's owner hopes a microchip will bring her home

A woman's only companion is missing, but she can't go looking for her because she is hospitalized.

Patricia Gonzalez is relying on the microchip she paid to be injected in her dog, Bebe, to lead her back home.

However, when Patricia Gonzalez contacted the San Benito Animal Hospital where they injected the microchip they told her they don't register the animals.

Information Patricia claims she didn't know.

"Now I am finding out that they don't evidently register when they are put in which I think is wrong," Patricia said.

Action 4 went to the animal hospital and they told us they don't register the animals but provide the paperwork that the owner must submit to the microchip company.

Patricia did submit this paperwork and received a certificate as evidence.

However, Patricia didn't know she had to call and update her information.

"Had I known that thing wasn't working, had it all the time with no problem, she's got a chip," Patricia said. "I feel like I've been betrayed especially now, I want my dog back."

Frank Quiones, the manager of the Humane Society of Harlingen, tells Action 4 that microchips do work.

However, he says that owners need to register the dog and make sure the microchip company has their information.

"The most important thing if you purchase a microchip is make sure to find out what the details are as far as getting it registered," Frank said. "Are they going to do it for you, is it something you have to do, how much is it going to cost you to register the dog?"

Frank said that not every place that injects the microchip registers the pet.

Bebe's microchip was registered but Patricia's information was not in the system until we stepped in.

Now it's just a matter of Bebe being found.

Bebe is a Yorkshire Terrier.

Bebe went missing Thanksgiving week at the Harlingen house of Patricia TMs provider.

The provider was taking care of Bebe while Patricia was in the hospital.

If you see Bebe or a pet wandering in the street you can take it to any humane society so they can try and find its owner.