Elderly woman struck by city of McAllen bus dies

The woman struck by a McAllen city bus Thursday morning died.

McAllen police said the woman was jay-walking at the time of the accident .

They believe the 73-year-old woman was walking from the Shell station at the corner of 10th Street and the east bound frontage road along Expressway 83 when she was hit by a city of McAllen metro bus.

"The cause of the accident is part of the investigation, said Lt. Joel Morales. Once the investigation is complete then we can determine what the cause of this accident was."

Mandy Martinez said she was just passing by when she noticed the commotion.

"I saw where the lady was thrown and I saw that the windshield was broken," said Mandy Martinez.

Mandy said she kept her distance, watching the elderly woman lying helplessly on the pavement and her belongings scattered all over the road.

There was no one next to her, but there were people all around, said Martinez.

Mandy said the woman didn't say anything and didn't even move.

"The lady was hesitating. Her stomach was moving really ugly," said Martinez. One of her arms were twisted.

Despite the number of people Mandy claims gathered near the scene, no one stepped in to help them woman.

Police said they are not releasing the identity of the victim at this time and the driver of that metro bus is cooperating.