Elderly woman wants neighbor to take down metal stakes

Maria Gloria Melo has lived in a mobile home, on a dirt road off Melon Street, outside Los Fresnos for 14 years.

The 65 year old began attending an adult day care in Harlingen three years ago.

She goes Monday through Friday, partly because she's suffered epileptic seizures, since she was a teen.

"They pick me up and drop me off every day, Melo said.

They come for me at 7:30 a.m. and they bring me home at 1:30 p.m."

Melo said she and her neighbors hardly interact. However, recently Melo and her neighbor across the small road, got into a disagreement.

"When it rains the road gets ugly, so when the driver picked me up, he reversed and my neighbor said he drove on her grass, Melo said.

(My neighbor said) that patch of grass was going to dry up, and soon after, she put up metal stakes."

Only three stakes line that side of the property and they're located right near Melo's home.

Melo said they make it hard for the day care van to get to her house.

"Every time the driver goes to pick me up he has trouble driving in and out of there, Melo said.

And I TMm epileptic - what if an ambulance needs to get by there? The stakes are too far into the road."

Action 4 News went looking for the neighbor several times, but no one was home.

Cameron County Public Works Director Pete Sepulveda said he'll look into the matter.

He has to find out if the dirt drive is a private or county road. Sepulveda said if it is a private drive, the property owner Melo complains about, has every right to block off the land.

However, if it's found to be an easement, he said the stakes will have to come down.

Melo hopes county officials will settle the issue, and decide which neighbor is right.