Election season getting off to a rough start in Starr County

When elections get into full swing campaign signs start to pop up all over. But candidate for District Attorney in the 229th Judicial District, Omar Escobar said out of the hundreds of signs he put up--close to 50 have been stolen.

"The signs are worth about $30 a piece," Escobar said. "You are looking at about a $1000 worth of property...not counting the damage that was done to the billboard."

The billboard Escobar referred is located on FM 755 in La Gloria. He said someone set it on fire just a few days ago.

"You expect some kind of vandalism but I didn't expect something to be burned down," Escobar said.

He said it is not just the loss of money that concerns him, but the welfare of those living in the rural area where the sign went up in flames.

"This could cause brush fires," Escobar said.

On the other side of the D.A. race is incumbent Heriberto Silva. Action 4 News spoke to him over the phone and he said he has experienced the same problems as Escobar.

He said, since Saturday, over 30 of his signs have been stolen or cut up.