Electoral system to see change with two-step plan

Abbott paid a visit to Sam Houston Elementary school in Weslaco Monday to emphasize the importance of early education, specifically pre-k to third grade.

He also told Action 4 News his plan to bring discouraged voters to the polls not just here in the Rio Grande Valley, but all across the state of Texas.

"We must instill greater trust and confidence in government. We do that one the one hand by that the legislative being responsible with taxpayer dollars that are being sent to Austin that are being sent to counties being sent to schools. We do that also by weeding out corruption that takes place by public officials."

He believes that this two-step plan will renew the public's trust in the electoral system.

Abbott says he is confident that this will not only will this help bring people to the polls, but that we may even see an increase in voter participation as a result.

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