Elementary school reopens after nearly a decade

A grueling 9 year wait is finally coming to an end for Mercedes Independent School District students.

The doors to Kennedy Elementary are opening again, after they closed to finish a remodeling project.

In 2003, plans were laid out by architects and contractors to modernize the campus and add an addition.

But the project never seemed to move, and stayed that way until 2006.

That TMs when structural problems, including with the roof and walls, came to light.

There were some construction issues, perhaps even some design issues. And with that in mind, it was not conducive to learning or the building being adequate, said Dr. Daniel Trevino, superintendent of the district.

Students had temporarily called the old middle school home.

Then, in 2010, the green light to get building back on track.

Armed with a new team, and a new game plan, the district tore down parts of the building and got to work.

Dr. Trevino says, We now have about 27 new classrooms, new administrative offices, and a gymnasium.

Teachers feel there has been a vast improvement even just in the classrooms.

I don TMt have to speak as loud because I don TMt have to compete with the hardwood floor or window units, says Marco Islas, a teacher at Kennedy.

Construction is not complete, but, should be this year.

Adding a little brighter spot in the future for these students.