Elementary students praise brave canine who was stabbed on duty

Dinie with Border Patrol agents

It was quite a welcome for Dinie, the K-9 U.S. Border Patrol Agent, on Tuesday morning at Sullivan Elementary School in San Benito.

The four-legged agent was honored for her heroic actions after enduring a horrific incident earlier this month where she was stabbed.

They came across a group of about 30 people, said Henry Mendiola with the U.S. Border Patrol. One of the individuals took a sharp object and stabbed Dinie in the neck, just above the shoulder blade.

Mendiola told Action 4 News that she was taken straight to the hospital for emergency surgery and has recovered well from her injuries.

Dinie TMs story touched many including one teacher at Sullivan, Ms. Marie Montalvo.

I told them the minute I got to school and immediately they wanted to get involved| in fact our entire school got involved, Montalvo said.

After telling the children about the dog TMs bravery, the children at Sullivan wanted to thank Dinie for her bravery.

The kids made Dinie an oversized yellow "get well soon" card in hopes that it would make the tail-wagger feel better.

Not only was Dinie TMs handler touched by the gesture but the entire agency was too.

Just having come to the school and to meet the children and meet the students that were supporting her I think that's great for her, said Mendiola. I TMm just glad that we have the support of the community.

The children thanked the agents for their work, aside from the opportunity they received to meet the K-9.

They were given a chance to learn about training that agents must go through, which was an important lesson teachers said will resonate with the children.

Students said they were thankful they were able to help in Dinie TMs recovery and believe their prayers are what did it.

There was a direct line to God about this dog, said Montalvo. You know, dog is God spelled backwards so I think there may be a connection there.

It has now been about 10 days since Dinie TMs been back on the job, where she is already fighting illegal activity.

The individual who stabbed the service dog is in federal custody for his assault against a service animal.

Agents told us the suspect is a Guatemalan man who was present in the U.S. illegally.

He is facing charges for both injuring Dinie and illegal entry into the U.S.