Elsa man charged with molesting two girls for more than eight years

The charges will pile up for the Elsa man accused of molesting two young girls for nearly eight years.

Harry Trevio, 52, refused to speak on camera about the abuse, but his two young victims finally did after keeping it secret for nearly a decade.

"These individuals finally just woke up and said you know what I can TMt hold this inside me anymore. This is something that I have to tell somebody, Chief Eloy Cardenas said.

The two young relatives of Trevio made an outcry to their parents who immediately called police.

It was at that point that the full details of the alleged abuse emerged. "The sad thing about it is that it occurred in several different places, Cardenas added. This individual is facing numerous charges, not only charges with Edcouch Police."

Elsa Police arrested Trevio at his home on Thursday.

He not only faces charges there, but also with Hidalgo County, and possibly even as far away places as Port Mansfield and Kingsville.

Edcouch Police are looking into the possibility of more potential victims.

We started off with two, we've learned that there was a third child at the time that may or may not have been abused, he concluded.

Municipal Judge Daniel Guzman charged Trevio with one count of sexual abuse of a child and issued him a $100,000 bond.

Elsa police charged Trevio with aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child. They issued him a $175,000 bond.

Trevio will be transferred to the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office, where he will also be charged.