Elsa neighborhoods still experiencing flooding

Residents living around FM 1015 and Mile 13 1/2, near Elsa, said they are amazed at the flooding but it is nothing new.

"When it rains...even though it's a small rain it's still the same thing," said Rachel Sanchez.

"It always gets flooded here, Gloria Trevino agreed. Anytime there's a rain it gets flooded."

While residents told Action 4 News they expected the area to flood, they did not expect the water to stick around for as long as it did.

They said if another storm comes this way they could be forced out of their homes.

"We'll have to go if another one comes," said Sanchez.

"I want the county to do something or someone to do something, said Trevino. I've been noticing, in other colonia TMs, they drain the water---I want to know why they don't do that here?"

Action 4 News spoke with Precinct One Commissioner A.C. Cuellar, who said they are working diligently in the area.

"We've been pumping water for 24 to 30 hours," said Cuellar.

He also said the reason residents do not see them pumping on the Westside is because that area is higher, that means the water is already flowing to the eastside of Mile 13 1/2.

"It will naturally flow to the eastside, we're hoping by tomorrow we'll see a difference in these two areas," said Cuellar.

Residents told Action 4 news it is not just the high water that concerns them, it is what is lurking in that standing water.

It is all slimy, said Mary Quintanilla. I don TMt know what TMs in there.

"Dead frogs...they're all over the place. The dead frogs, the mosquitoes, crickets...all that noise and the smell...I can't take it," said Trevino. As these residents continue to cope with the standing water and everything it brings with it|..they will hold out hope that their drainage problems will be fixed soon.