Elsa teen missing after huffing freon

Rebeca Meza said her son needed medical but was allowed to walk out the front door of the school.

Rebecca Meza said she went through a whirlwind of emotions when her 15-year-old son turns up missing from school.

Then the Elsa mother found out he allegedly got high on freon at school and didn't get adequate medical care.

"I got a phone call from the Edcouch-Elsa school district from the principal saying that I need to pick my son up that he had fainted, Meza said.

Her son, Bryan Calsada, was found unconscious by an air conditioning unit.

Meza claims school officials told her the teen passed out after huffing freon.

The chemical is used as refrigerant in air conditioning systems like those at Edcouch-Elsa High School.

Experts say teens are abusing the chemical to get high.

Meza said it's a frightening thought when you consider.

The Hidalgo County mother said her son was already taking several medications for anxiety before the incident.

"That was my concern, so I told them I TMm on my way I TMm going to take him to the hospital and get him checked, Meza said.

But when she arrived to pick him up, he was no longer in school and hasn't been seen since.

The Rio Grande Valley mother alleges school leaders released him.

Meza now fears that her teen son didn't get the proper care and could be in danger.

EESID Superintendent Mike Sandrussi could not be reached for comment after hours.

Action 4 News promises to stay on this story to hear from the other side.

Anyone with information on Bryan Calsada should contact the Elsa Police Department at (956) 262-4721.