Elsa voters head to polls

It was a steady stream of voters at Kennedy Elementary School polling location in Elsa Tuesday.

Many voters were energized about a variety of issues.

"It TMs fun to watch and to listen, voter Rolando Perez said.

Candidates and their supporters continued to campaign heavily as voters headed to the polls but voters shared many different issues they had on the forefront of their mind.

"I specifically came out to vote against one of the propositions for funding of education," Raquel Garcia said.

"County wide issues are public safety, we TMve had it seems like a lot of spill over violence. I think we have a good sheriff that TMs doing a good job, so I think we need to show our support and keep the good thing going that he has, Jorge Lozano said.

Others came not for one specific race but to merely exercise their constitutional right.

After turning 18 I have never missed an election, Roli Lozano said. I think it TMs just important for people to get out and have their voice heard. If you don TMt vote you don TMt have any voice. That TMs just the way I see it."