Emails hacked through social media

Lester Craig gets the latest news and weather from his I-Phone.

Even uses it to check his email.

But it was a particular email that had Lester worried.

A neighbor was asking for money.

"the email said that she was in Cyprus and could she have $3,000 because she lost her ATM card and she needed money to get back home" said Lester Craig.

Turns out, the email of Lester TMs neighbor was hacked!

Lester said he saw his neighbor just the day before and knew something was fishy.

"just gets to the point to where you can't do anything anymore without somebody trying to scam you" said Lester Craig.

Action 4 news headed to the geek squad to get some answers.

Experts there said this type of hacking is normal, especially if you use social media sites like Facebook

They warn you could be next.

"If I have a virus on my computer and I connect to Facebook, and I chat with you, we are in contact via Facebook, but you don't know if I have a virus or not" said jerry Jara-Siller

Experts said there are about 14,00 new viruses a day.

And with social media being used so much, they say it's important to have and renew your anti virus software on a regular basis.

"Even though it appears to be working but it expired, its not updating anymore" said Jara-Siller. "It will scan but it will only have the old viruses definition".

Lester said he let his neighbor know right away what was going on.

He hopes others will be more weary when checking their email.