Emergency call leads to the arrest of Brownsville couple for cocaine possession

Georgina Chavarria

An emergency call over the weekend, led Brownsville police to arrest a husband and wife for cocaine posession.

Police assisted medical personnel on an emergency call about an intoxicated woman.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Georgina Chavarria highly intoxicated.

According to responders, her husband, Mario Ramirez, also appeared to be under the influence.

While at the home, police saw a plastic baggie with a white powdery substance out in the open.

The substance tested positive for cocaine.

Chavarria was reported to be acting in an uncontrollable manner. She and Ramirez were placed under arrest.

The couple's 2-year-old and 4 -year-old child were at the home, hiding in a back bedroom crying.

The children were later released to a family member.

Chavarria and Ramirez's bonds are set at $20,000 each.