Emilio Navaira to make telenovela debut

Anahi and Carlos Ponce / ESMAS Image

Tejano star Emilio Navaira is making a move that will take him from the music world to television and the big screen.

The San Antonio-based singer is expected to appear in the new Mexican telenovela Dos Hogares as a musician.

The Mexican cable television channel Bandamax reported that Navaira will perform his songs Ella Es As and Eclipse as part of the novela.

The novela features stars Olivia Collins, Sergio Goyri, Carlos Ponce and Anah, who was formerly with the band RBD.

Bandamax reported that Navaira is also expected to appear with Mexican music star German Montero in a new movie, La Traicion de un hijo or A Son TMs Betrayal in English.

Navaira told Bandamax that he TMll continue to tour in the United States and work on his next album.

I TMm very excited that all this is happening to me, from the affection of my fans who haven TMt forgotten me to all the new things coming out day by day, Navaira told Bandamax in Spanish. I TMm very blessed thanks to God.

The news for Navaira follows years of trouble, which all started when he was behind the wheel in a March 2009 DWI wreck that left him in a coma and spend months in recovery.

A judge sentenced Navaira to probation in the case allowing the Grammy Award-winning singer to go through months a rehabilitation and to relearn his songs.

The novela "Dos Hogares" is expected to debut on Monday, June 27th. It's expected to air locally on XERV Channel 9 over-the-air and Channel 19 on Time Warner Cable.