Emotional testimony at Harlingen man's murder trial

The first day of testimony has wrapped up in the capital murder trial of a husband accused of shooting his pregnant wife and another man. Jurors were released from day one of the Omar Montemayor's trial. Thursday, they heard testimony from a handful of witnesses including a close friend of one victim and a mother of another. "Crashing and banging and I heard gunshots." Sarah Williams described to a Cameron County Jury what she heard just before her dear friend Sarah Maxwell Montemayor was shot and killed. "I got down in the corner and I had my phone and I called 911... terrified and I could still hear her screaming," Williams said. Shocking 911 tapes revealed what Williams heard moments before gunshots rang out. Williams: I hear screaming. She's screaming.Dispatcher: You hear screaming?Williams: Yes. oh my god---Dispatcher: You heard a gunshot?Williams: (Crying) It's so loud Investigators said Montemayor broke into his estrange wife's home back in 2012 and shot and killed her, and her 28-year-old friend Devan Haynes. Thursday morning, Haynes' mother, Terry, took to the stand and painted a sad picture of how she learned of her son's death. "That's my baby. He said 'Your son was murdered.' I proceeded to tell him, 'You're lying, he's not. It's not true, he's going to call home.' I proceeded to give him my phone to call him," Terry Haynes testified. Montemayor is facing two counts of capital murder and one count of manslaughter. Terry said her life will never be the same. Even over a year later, she's in disbelief. "Still waiting for him to come home, but he's not coming home," said Haynes. Testimony continues Friday at 8 am.