Employee claims no pay in six months

It's been a painful process for Margaret Vento from Harlingen. The former American Seniors Financial Employee claims she has been waiting over six months for thousands in pay, and has received little or no word as to when she will get her final paycheck.

I just want him to pay us, said Vento. Why is he taking so long?

Vento says American Senior Insurance owner Charles Wood owes her and four other employees more than 200 hours pay, totaling more than $3,000.

After months of dwindling pay and then no pay at all, Vento quit her job of more than seven years. She had to break the bad news to her two young sons over the holiday.

It's really hard, said Vento. It would be great if we get the money. But that's why we came to Channel 4 because it's been taking so long.

Action 4 News contacted Mr. Woods about the status of final paychecks for former employees but our calls went unanswered.

We even went to his place of business but the sign read vacant.

Vento has even filed a report with the Texas Workforce Commissions but says they have only been able to collect $400 on her behalf since July. I don TMt understand why if he still can pay his bills why can't he pay us, said Vento.

Vento was able to find a new job with Janos Superstore several months ago.

Although she is still waiting for her $3000 she won't let the unpaid wages damper the rest of the holidays.

Workforce Commission tell us employees who notice a dramatic drop in business or receive mixed message from management in the workplace should take that as a "red flag.