Employees charged in pawn shop scam in San Benito

San Benito police are reporting that the identities of 83 customers of a local pawn shop were stolen.

Investigators said it happened at an EZ Pawn off Sam Houston Boulevard where employees used their customers' credit to cover up a huge mistake.

Lt. Martin Morales told Action 4 News that Eusebia Gonzalez opened up a $1,000 dollar loan for the wrong customer with a same name as another.

Detectives said Gonzalez didn't notice it until the rightful customer came in to get a loan of their name.

Instead of fixing the mistake, police Gonzalez opted to keep covering her tracks with other people's accounts. "Whoever was in their system they had access to their information so they found customers through existing files and opened up loans on that name," Lt. Morales said.

But according to police, Gonzalez didn't act alone.

Detectives said she got help from fellow co-worker, Abigail Salazar.

In total, both women scammed customers out of close to $100,000 dollars.

People told Action 4 News it's scary to know these women chose to con customers instead of being honest.

EZ Pawn customer Patricia Delagado said she's taken out several loans there.

But after hearing about this case, she said identity theft can happen anywhere.

Both Gonzalez and Salazar were charged with theft.

A municipal judged gave Gonzalez a $7,500 dollar bond and Salazar a $40,000 dollar bond.