EMS workers accused of stealing morphine from ambulance

Lyndsey Cantu // Raymondville Police Dpeartment Photo

Two paramedics are off the job after being accused with stealing morphine from an ambulance in Raymondville.

Raymondville police arrested 35-year-old Sara Ortiz and 27-year-old Lyndsey Cantu have been charged with diversion of a controlled substance by a registrant dispenser.

The two Lyford women work with Willacy County Emergency Medical Services were arrested on Tuesday.

Raymondville police said an employee came forward stating they had witnessed the two women injecting themselves with morphine at work.

Ortiz and Cantu were placed on administrative leave until their warrants were issued and they were later fired.

Action 4 News did speak with one of the woman involved.

She declined a request for an interview but denied any wrongdoing.

The two women are currently working for a EMS provider in Alice.

They each had a bond was set at $25,000.