Endangered Ocelot marks fourth killed on Highway 100

Ocelot being released // Photo via U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service

An Ocelot was killed on Highway 100 after a motorist collided with the endangered cat.

The incident happened on July 9th along the state highway near Laguna Vista and Los Fresnos, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirms.

The Ocelot was found near the concreate barrier, which the Laguna Atascosa Refuge Manager believes has contributed to the death of the Ocelots.

Many animals will not, or cannot, jump them, get trapped on the road and pose a danger to drivers and themselves, manager Body Blihovde said about the barrier in a press release.

Since the barrier was built, three ocelots died as a result of vehicle collision along the stretch of highway.

The ocelot was one of the 12 being tracked by the Wildlife Service and the Wildlife Refuge.

Most of the endangered Ocelots are found in south Texas.

The wildlife service said, 40% of ocelots from the refuge, studied over a 30-year period, have died as a result of being struck by a vehicle.

They are suggesting a wildlife crossing be built, which could reduce the deaths of the endangered wildcat.

A citizen called U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to notify them about the death of the Ocelot.

If you see an Ocelot, you can report the sighting by calling (956)748-3607 or (956)784-7520.