Energy Saving Tips

During the hot summer months it may seem like your water and energy bills just keep going up.

Sylvia Cancino is the Education and Outreach Program Coordinator for the Brownsville Public Utilities Board and talked to Action 4 about some energy saving tips.

She said its typical to see bills go up in the summer with the hot temperatures, the kids at home but especially by often overlooked details.

"We forget that we still have things connected at home we have," said Cancino.

"The clocks and anything the microwave oven if she has a clock on there...anything that still shows that little red light its connected its consuming electricity."

That's why she had a couple of tips to make sure you don TMt end up overpaying this summer. Start with your air conditioning unit Cancino said and set the thermostat at 78 degrees.

"You can expect to pay at least 5 percent more per degree under 78 on a monthly basis."

But that TMs not all she pointed out that its important to keep that a/c maintained at least twice a month.

And here's an interesting tip, learn to read your meters.

The PUB Coordinator also advised homeowners to turn off all faucets and check to see if your water meter keeps on turning, if it does you may have a leak in your property.

And here TMs another bright idea, use energy efficient light bulbs also known as compact fluorescent bulbs.

By using an electrical meter Cancino showed just how much wattage is actually being consumed. She said when a typical bulb is in use, the electric meter disk runs at a fast pace marking more kilowatts. But when an energy efficient bulb is used the pace dramatically slows down.

A difference Cancino said you'll notice almost immediately on your next bill.

So by implementing all these little changes, the PUB Coordinator said expect to see some major savings.