Event to benefit selfless boy wrestling with leukemia

Wrestling Revolution is supporting Victor Gonzalez, who is fighting leukemia

The Historic Cine El Rey Theatre on 17th Street in McAllen will transform Friday at 8 p.m. into a world for wrestlers.

Wrestling Revolution puts on shows to wow audiences with moves and might.

But at this next show, the focus shifts to support a special 8-year-old named Victor Gonzalez, who's been wrestling with leukemia.

The La Grulla boy captured the hearts of organizers.

Victor's story on Action 4 News in May showed him putting his own illness aside to help a terminally ill girl enjoy a birthday party.

Since then, Victor's been sworn in as an honorary police officer by the Penitas Police Department and the La Joya Independent School District. Wrestling Revolution wants to donate half of the proceeds from Friday's wrestling event at Cine El Rey to benefit Victor.

Saul Martinez, general manager for Wrestling Revolution, and Ismael Fernandez, who's Victor's family friend and organizer, think they're interviewing with Action 4's Ryan Wolf about the event.

"The time can't come any faster," Saul said. "I am just dying to see this kid light up with emotion."

Ismael said he just wants to see Victor smile.

"It'll be awesome," he said.

"Well what if I told you I wanted to see you both smile?" Ryan asked.

"I'm already smiling," Saul said. "I'm good."

"Well, I really want to see you both smile," Ryan added. "I have a surprise for you both."

"Really?" the two said.

Bill Jones with FNB Insurance Agency, who's standing nearby, surprises them with the Pay it 4Ward cash prize.

"It's terrific what you guys do with Wrestling Revolution," Bill said. "What you're doing for this boy Victor Gonzalez is amazing. Everybody loves that little boy. The help that you're giving him is terrific and it TMs what Pay it 4Ward is all about. And we hope that your actions bring even more people to Pay it 4Ward. On behalf of Action 4 News and FNB Insurance, I want you to hold out your hand."

Bill hands them $400.

The two recipients have a shocked look on their face.

"I'm speechless," Saul said. "I'm without words. I can't describe this moment. This is what it was all about. We're just trying to light up this kid's face and have him have a moment of happiness."

Fernando can't contain his emotion.

"It's about Victor," he said while fighting back tears. "It's about the little boy. "He's a little boy that fights the battle day in and day out. And today, is his day."

The Wrestling Cancer event takes place Friday, November 1st at Cine El Rey starting at 8 p.m.

Admission for adults is $6 or two adults for $5 each, kids $3.

People who can TMt make it to the event can still make a monetary donation in support of Victor by clicking on the link below. Click here to make a donation in support of Victor GonzalezClick here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook PageClick here to follow Ryan Wolf on TwitterClick here to nominate somebody for the Pay it 4Ward prize